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Gjergj Xhuvani – Slogans (2001)

quote from IMDb review:
Low budget movies need something to draw attention to them, lacking big stars and great effects. Slogans has those somethings in spades! We get to know an Albanian teacher arriving at a country school, around 1984. He seems to be a sympathetic guy.

The school seems to be less interested in teaching the children real subjects than pushing communist propaganda down their throats. Much of the week is spent on the hillsides, where the pupils whitewash stones and arrange them into huge letters with slogans like “Long live international Communism”. The slogans can be seen from far off, thus securing that no citizen will be able to avoid them. Unruly teachers and classes are punished with very long sentences! Comic and tragic scenes are plentiful as the people struggle with the whims of the local communist party and the school principal’s unrequited love for one of the female teachers.

Post-war Albanian history is terribly strange, weird and bizarre. Sandwiched between Christian and Moslem influences, this mountaineous country was isolated for a very long time, due to the paranoia of their leader, Enver Hoxha. Sensing enemies (revisionists) all around him, he closed the borders and nixed any international co-operation. This movie gives a fair account of what life must have been like in Albania at the time. It’s well made, a bit on the long side, but still worthwhile for those who seek unusual films.

Video Codec: XviD
Resolution: 656x400
Framerate: 25fps
Aspect ratio: 1.64

Audio Codec: a52
Channels: 2
Sample rate: 48kHz
Bitrate: 384kb/s

Duration: 45:08 + 45:24
Bitrate: 1770kbps


Subtitles:English,Norwegian (sub/idx)

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