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Gary Graver – The Ecstasy Girls (1979)

Here is a splendid little classic from 1979, produced by Harold Lime and directed by Robert McCallum. As is usual with “Golden Age” classics, the plot, acting, exterior shots and general production values are outstanding. This flick was shot on location in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco.
Jamie Gillis plays a washed up B-movie star who is down on his luck. He has been reduced to escorting starlets to movie premieres, a service for which his agent pays him a few bucks plus expenses. He still makes the rounds of Hollywood parties, however, and at one such event, his host, J.C. Church, observes him seducing Desiree Cousteau. It is a hypnotic scene; Cousteau was a beautiful girl with wonderful, natural breasts. Georgina Spelvin secretly observes them, while being secretly observed herself by J.C.
Church telephones Gillis that night with an interesting proposition. J.C. is the brother of Edgar Church, a rich industrialist from whom J.C. stands to inherit money. Edgar Church also has a sister and four daughters, however, and their shares of the estate will substantially dilute J.C.’s expected take. J.C. has a plan. It seems that Edgar is a puritan and would be shocked if he knew how his sister and daughters really live. J.C. believes that if he can get film of the five ladies in compromising positions, Edgar will cut them out of the will, leaving everything for J.C. So J.C. offers Gillis $100,000 to do the job, and Gillis can’t turn down this kind of money. Gillis immediately involves his two buddies, John Leslie and Paul Thomas, and they all set out to seduce the women and get them on film. There’s some amazingly good stuff here, stuff that has stood the test of time for 20 years. The Gillis/Cousteau scene is a scorcher, as is the scene between Gillis and Georgina Spelvin, who plays J.C. and Edgar’s sister. Serena plays two of the sisters, twins. (Watch for some trick photography at the party, where two Serenas appear in the same shot.) If you don’t remember Serena, and how hot she was, you’re in for a delightful treat. There’s a really interesting S/M scene with Serena and Gillis, that shows more rough play than you typically see in an explicit feature. (After the adult industry reached an understanding with prosecutors in the 1980s that there would be no S/M with explicit sex and penetration, most of the 1970s classics were bowdlerized for release on VHS.) Still, since there are no anals, you might classify this as a “couples” tape. It’s certainly nothing that you’d be ashamed to show your girlfriend.

English Language Only. Optional French Subs For Feature and Featurette
The 26-minute documentary (Ladies Do It!) looks back at the Californian hardcore film industry during the 1970’s through fascinating interviews with actresses (Cara Lott, Sharon Mitchell, Sharon Kane, Seka, Kelly Nichols, Serena, Kay Parker & Juliet Anderson) who have made its glory. The various interviews are generally about the atmosphere of the time (shooting conditions, censorship, eastcoast vs. westcoast film industry etc.)

DVD Source: Wild Side Films, Region 2, DVD9
DVD Format: PAL
DVD Audio: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono) AC-3
Program: Unknown
Menus: Untouched
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
DVD Extras: Untouched



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