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Roy Stuart – Glimpse 26 – Alpha 3 (2023)

This new Glimpse includes a Special Golden Showers Compilation from years past and present!

We have gone to great lengths to search through all of our archives to find the most beautiful and enticing Golden Shower scenes, which we have included throughout our new GLIMPSE!

New faces, new musical fusion, new footage. Never. Before. Seen! Stuart probes visual and emotional eroticism, from fleeting glimpses to elaborate imaginings. Only this time, there’s no holding back. This time …it’s emanations rom The Source and golden exhalations a gogo!

‘Alpha vol 3: with its viscerally wet n’ wild imagery bolsters a multi-faceted, A 1 hour and 40 minutes long ride of the hypnotic and aquatic. From the darkest surrealistic expressions to the playful, darling, and capricious. Golden showers. Water sports. Femme fontaines. From ever-popular vintage segments to brand new bits, Stuart spotlights the infinite modulations of sexuality. Stuart reinstates our absolute carnal sexual license thru this daring, unapologetic compilation of ambrosial succulent sequences. He seduces in order to question and explore the outer limits of our own hidden and forbidden desires, debauchery, mirroring the erotic potential in all of us. This special micturate edition, filled from bottom to brim, from the deviant to the tasteful and all positions in between. Enter a world where passion-numbing imagery and sexual clichés that is modern commercial pornography is left far, far behind along with the constraints of traditional conventional morality. Drink in the dewy youth and experienced charm of Stuart’s real players engaged in real sex.

Roy Stuarts Glimpse 26 - Alpha 3 (2023).mp4

MPEG-4 (Base Media): 8.98 GiB, 1 h 29 min
1 Video stream: AVC
1 Audio stream: AAC LC

Duration: 1 h 29 min
Overall bit rate mode: Variable
Overall bit rate: 14.4 Mb/s
Frame rate: 25.000 FPS



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  1. Based on the described leanings of this particular edition, I guess I’ll have to skip it. But since you’ve been covering his output so well, I’ll mention a certain curiosity regarding the DVD that is said to accompany Stuart’s GlimseStorys.

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