1921-1930Eugene DeslawExperimentalFrance

Eugene Deslaw – Montparnasse (1929)

La caméra se promène entre les tables de la Rotonde et surprend une coquette saupoudrant un nez brillant, ou un intellectuel. On y devine le peintre Foujita, la clope élégante, ou Bunuel rêvassant devant les mollets qui dansent, et toute une faune qui hante les trottoirs et rappelle les plus belles heures du foyer intellectuel que fût Montparnasse.

Come take an avant-garde walk in the Montparnasse of the late 1920’s. This district of Paris, filmed in a most unusual way, shows how dedicated it is to art. Visit its art galleries and exhibitions, take a glimpse of famous painter Fujita, of Luis Buñuel eying the legs of beautiful Parisian passing the terrace of the café where he is sitting, of three Italian futurists, Marinetti, Prampolini and Russolo. But besides being a cosmopolitan hub for creators, Montparnasse is also a popular quarter, busy with the lives of its ordinary inhabitants, with its markets and flea markets, with its brats looking at a street circus show. Don’t miss the goats crossing the street for the unexpected is always possible. And complete the visit with a good cup of coffee at the Rotonde or at the Sélect on the Boulevard du Montparnasse.

Video Format.....: PAL
Aspect Ratio.....: 4:3
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