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Stanley Kwan – Ruan Lingyu AKA Yuen Ling-yuk AKA Center Stage (1991)

For those interested in Chinese cinema, here is something a bit different.
Centre Stage is about the life of Ruan Lingyu, Chinese silent movie legend of the 1930s. She was without equal in the depiction of the emotions of a woman seeking independence. Students worshipped her as a cult symbol. Men looked at her with dreamy eyes, and women looked at her sideways and full of hate. Her roles were typically of characters like girl student, rustic maid, factory hand, prostitute, socialite, and authoress. Ruan’s personal life often mirrored those of the tragic characters she portrayed on screen.
The recreation of sets, costumes and inclusion of original footage from films that have survived in which Ruan appeared have combined to produce a high quality and stylish film, giving the viewer a docudrama about an interesting woman from an interesting period of Chinese film history.

Center Stage (Stanley Kwan, 1991).576p.mkv

Container:  	Matroska
Runtime: 	2 h 34 min
Size: 	4.10 GiB
Codec: 	x264
Resolution: 	1024x552 
Aspect ratio:  	1.85:1
Frame rate: 	23.976 fps
Bit rate: 	3 343 kb/s
BPP: 	0.247
#1:  	Chinese 5.1ch AAC LC @ 446 kb/s


Language(s):Cantonese, Mandarin and English
Subtitles:English, Chinese


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