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Sergei Parajanov – Sayat Nova aka Tsvet granata aka The Color of Pomegranates [Yutkevich cut] (1969)

Soviet censors and Communist Party officials objected to Parajanov’s stylized, poetic treatment of Sayat-Nova’s life and complained that it failed to educate the public about the poet. As a result, the film’s title was changed from Sayat-Nova to The Color of Pomegranates, and all references to Sayat-Nova’s name were removed from the credits and chapter titles in the original Armenian release version. The Armenian writer Hrant Matevosyan wrote new, abstractly poetic Armenian-language chapter titles. Officials further objected to the film’s abundance of religious imagery, although a great deal of religious imagery still remains in both surviving versions of the film. Initially the State Committee for Cinematography in Moscow refused to allow distribution of the film outside of Armenia. It premiered in Armenia in October 1969, with a running time of 77 minutes.

Sayat Nova - Sergei Parajanov (1969) Yutkevich cut with commentary.mkv

Container:  	Matroska
Runtime: 	1 h 12 min
Size: 	2.56 GiB
Codec: 	x264
Resolution: 	790x576 
Aspect ratio:  	1.372
Frame rate: 	24.000 fps
Bit rate: 	4 310 kb/s
BPP: 	0.395
#1:  	2.0ch FLAC @ 341 kb/s (Armenian (main), Georgian, Azerbaijani)
#2:  	English 2.0ch FLAC @ 376 kb/s (Commentary by Levon Abrahamyan)


Language(s):Armenian, Russian titles, Georgian, Azerbaijani

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