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Hany Abu-Assad – Al qods fee yom akhar aka Rana’s Wedding (2002)

My Frightening Rushed Palestinian Roadblock Wedding

Like the 1999 German hit “Run Lola Run,” the new movie by Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad opens with an ultimatum and a plucky heroine alone in her room, wondering which way to turn. Both films feature menacing dogs, lost plastic bags, and an aimless, poorly shaved lover.
But that’s where the similarities end, because contemporary Berlin is a happier place than Jerusalem in 2003. For one thing, Tom Tykwer’s redhead Lola didn’t have to deal with roadblocks, trigger-happy soldiers, and bomb squads. For another, Lola was fiercely self-determined, while Rana (Clara Khoury) has to contend not only with political oppression but the dominating role men are assigned in her culture.

And by men, I mean Rana’s father, who presents her with the choice to either come to live with him in Egypt or marry one of a list of acceptable suitors he picked for her. She has until 4pm to decide–but Rana has other plans. She races across the city to find her lover Khalil (Kahlifa Natour) and marry him before her father’s ultimatum runs out.

Like that man lost in yet another embattled city, Leopold Bloom, Rana’s odyssey takes her past an encyclopedic view of her world: funeral processions, omnipresent security cameras, demolitions, uzis, and the humiliations of dealing with a hostile bureaucracy.

Codec XVID
Language Arabic
Type Video
Resolution 624x368
Frame Rate 29.97
Audio codec a52
Channels 2
Sample Rate 48000 Hz
Bitrate 192 kb/s
Duration: 1:26:17


Subtitles:Hard English

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