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Sergiu Nicolaescu – Un comisar acuzã AKA A Commissar Calls  (1974)

Director Sergiu Nicolaescu also stars in this film about a police inspector in Rumania who is sent to discover the truth about a prison massacre of communists by a visiting delegation of fascist dignitaries. The inspector makes the mistake of caring more about the truth and the injustice of the massacre than the genuine wishes of his bosses, and pays for his dedication with his life.

I’ve seen the unique series of romanian action movies, directed in a great manner by expert romanian director Sergiu Nicolaescu many times. The story of this movie is about the investigation run by police inspector Tudor Moldovan (played by Sergiu Nicolaescu), in the case of the murders committed at a prison in Bucharest by the fascist movement in Romania , during the 1940’s. The story was somewhat discussed by the communist regime that ruled Romania, when the movie was made, who imposed Nicolaescu to show the communist movement that appears in the movie in a good light, giving it an overated role during the events that took place during the 1940’s. However, the main character, Tudor Moldovan, keeps a neutral political line, which is a strong point of the movie. Built up using the Hollywood hero type, Tudor Moldovan is intelligent, brave, intuitive and ofcourse, a heart-breaker. However, Nicolaescu , being the man of action, hasn’t insisted too much on the sentimental part so we won’t see women almost at all in the entire movie. Moldovan has to put up with his rival: the professional assasin, “Paraipan”, excellent played by Gheorghe Dinica. Also, other characters like Limba, played by Jean Constantin, the small time punk that helps Moldovan in his investigation, gives the movie a wonderful comedy taste. The end of the movie, is made in Nicolaescu’s typical manner: after making justice among the bad guys, Tudor Moldovan is also shot in a heroic battle. This leaves you with quite a bitter taste exactly in the end and shows you that Nicolaescu doesn’t like happy endings.. Nicolaescu is a master in the work of a camera. This can be seen in all of his movies, here as well. Overall, young Nicolaescu looks good, as a director as well as the main character in the movie. So: good acting, performed by many great romanian actors, good directing, Nicolaescu style, nice story. A great movie that you should see. 9/10

A Commissar Calls.mkv

Container:  	Matroska
Runtime: 	1 h 52 min
Size: 	1.57 GiB
Codec: 	x264
Resolution: 	710x552 ~> 756x552
Aspect ratio:  	1.371
Frame rate: 	24.000 fps
Bit rate: 	1 800 kb/s
BPP: 	0.191
#1:  	Romanian 2.0ch AC-3 @ 192 kb/s


Subtitles:English, French

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