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Andrey Zvyagintsev – Vozvrashchenie AKA The Return (2003)

The Russian film “The Return” is a stunning contemporary fable about a divided family in the wilderness – a simple, riveting film that almost achieves greatness.

In this hypnotic, stark movie, which won the Golden Lion (grand prize) of the last Venice Film Festival, we see a family strangely reunited: a father and his two sons traveling by car through the countryside after a 12-year separation. One of the boys, Andrei (the late Vladimir Garin), is obedient. The other younger son, Ivan (Ivan Dobronravov), is surly and rebellious.

The father himself (Konstantin Lavronenko) is an ex-pilot whose abandonment of his family is never explained. (Nor is his return.) Taciturn, muscular, glowering with the intimidating self-confidence of a career soldier, he dominates the boys and the landscape. As the three travel to a forest lake area on a fishing expedition, the tensions grow. Finally in the wilderness, on a ramshackle light tower that instills fear of falling in Ivan, they explode.

“The Return” marks an amazing feature filmmaking debut by Andrei Zvyagintsev, a stage actor and TV director who also co-wrote the screenplay. Like many of the great Russian films, it has a mystical, poetic quality that invests the simplest scenes – walks through the forest, drives through the rain, the two boys fleeing through abandoned buildings – with power.

Vozvrashcheniye (2003)
Vozvrashcheniye (2003)
Vozvrashcheniye (2003)

Container:	Matroska
Runtime:	1h 50mn
Size:	2.75 GiB
DXVA:	Compatible
Minimum settings:	Met
Codec:	x264
Resolution:	1024x552
Aspect ratio:	1.85:1
Frame rate:	24.000 fps
Bit rate:	3 112 kb/s
Russian 5.1ch AC-3 @ 448 kb/s



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