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Jon Jost – Rembrandt Laughing (1989)

Rembrandt Laughing (1989)
Rembrandt Laughing (1989)

This film is a portrait of the passage of one year in the lives of some San Francisco friends, circa 1988 (before the dot.coming of the city), a slow marijuana hazed story which drifts like the fabled fog, encompassing the quirks and habits of a generation that made the city theirs, if only for a while. Very obliquely REMBRADT LAUGHING sketches the time and place, encompassing the Aids epidemic, the casual sexual revolution, the debris of ’68 lingering in the air. A quiet, very San Francisco comedy of life among a small group of friends. REMBRANDT LAUGHING was improvised over the period of about a month by Jost and his friends, mostly acting non-professionals.
(Jon Jost)

Jon Jost’s ninth feature focuses rather elliptically on the everyday lives of a group of friends in San Francisco–chiefly Claire (Barbara Hammes), who works in an architect’s office, two of her former lovers (Jon A. English and Nathaniel Dorsky), who are close friends, and a recent boyfriend (Jim Nisbet). Masterfully shot and for the most part very persuasively acted, mainly by nonprofessionals (the film’s use of locals is one reason it captures the San Francisco milieu so perfectly), REMBRANDT LAUGHING is a good deal more ambitious than it might first appear. A sense of the timeless and the cosmic hovers over the seemingly casual scenes, and the uses of a Rembrandt self-portrait and Beethoven’s opus 132 string quartet are integral to the film’s overall project–to discover the universe in a bowl of miso soup. Part of Jost’s method, like Godard’s in UNE FEMME MARIEE, is to convert the dramatic into the graphic, and his various means of carrying that out are unexpected and frequently beautiful.
(Jonathan Rosenbaum)

Rembrandt Laughing (1989)
Rembrandt Laughing (1989)
Rembrandt Laughing (1989)
Rembrandt Laughing.mkv

Container: Matroska
Runtime: 1 h 39 min
Size: 3.92 GiB
Codec: x264
Resolution: 1920x1080
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Frame rate: 29.970 fps
Bit rate: 5 402 kb/s
BPP: 0.087
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