Cheh Chang1971-1980ActionComedyHong Kong

Cheh Chang – Wu ming ying xiong AKA The Anonymous Heroes (1971)

Wu ming ying xiong (1971)
Wu ming ying xiong (1971)

Meng Kang (David Chiang) and Tieh (Ti Lung) are shallow thrill seekers and friends whose goal it is in life to merely have a good time. These reckless youths are recruited to the side of the Chinese revolution by Wan (Ku Feng shedding his gray wig and mustache in a rare heroic role). Meanwhile, Marshall Chin (Cheng Miu), a high-ranking army official, secures a cache of 3000 rifles delivered from the nation of Japan. Marshall Chin intends to use these weapons to crush the rebel forces. Wan convinces Meng and Tieh to assist him in stealing the rifles away from the army. The task seems hopeless however, since Marshall Chin is aware of the spies in his midst and places the rifles under heavy guard. Three men alone cannot defy an entire army. Help arrives in the form of the beautiful and spunky Pepper (Ching Li), whose father is a captain of the guard. Pepper meets up with Meng and Tieh and offers her assistance. She immediately is attracted to the charms of Meng Kang. The three men at first turn down her help, but when she acquires trucks and weapons from her father, our heroes see how valuable she can be after all. But with the odds still against them, the guile of Wan comes up with a plan. He provides military uniforms to Meng and Tieh in an effort to penetrate the ranks of Marshall Chin. Our heroes successfully go undercover and attempt to steal the guns. Marshall Chin is on to their plan and the sends his the army against the reluctant revolutionaries. (

Wu ming ying xiong (1971)
Wu ming ying xiong (1971)
Wu ming ying xiong (1971)

Container: Matroska
Runtime: 1 h 48 min
Size: 2.82 GiB
Codec: x264
Resolution: 720x576 ~> 1382x576
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
Frame rate: 23.976 fps
Bit rate: 3 500 kb/s
BPP: 0.352
#1: Chinese 2.0ch AAC LC (Stereo)


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