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Yakov Protazanov – Nishchaya AKA The Beggar Woman (1916)

Nishchaya (1916)
Nishchaya (1916)

“This Russian-made picture (distributed in the U.S. by Pathe) is typically gloomy. Prima donna Mary Mar (N.A. Lesienko) is surrounded by admirers. But a poet, Sergius (Ivan Mozukin) wants to be more to her and he proposes. So they marry, and she becomes involved in charity activities. On one of her rounds, she contracts smallpox and is quarantined. Even Sergius cannot enter the house. During her illness another opera star becomes the favorite in her stead. Mary’s face becomes horribly disfigured as a result of the smallpox and she has to auction off her belongings to pay her creditors. Finally Sergius returns. Mary is wearing a veil, and when he lifts it, he is disgusted by the sight of her. So she leaves him and becomes a beggar in the streets, while he goes to his studio and kills himself by drug overdose”
by ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

Nishchaya (1916)
Nishchaya (1916)
Nishchaya (1916)
The.Beggar.Woman.1916.SATRip-AVC by Dmitrio7197.mkv

Container: Matroska
Runtime: 41 min 22 s
Size: 748 MiB
Codec: x264
Resolution: 720x544
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 25.000 fps
Bit rate: 2 332 kb/s
BPP: 0.238
#1: zxx 2.0ch AC-3 @ 192 kb/s


Language(s):Russian Intertitles

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