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Ana Lungu – One and a Half Prince (2018)

Love and friendship. Love versus friendship. Which one is stronger, which one is deeper?

Three friends are living together. A single woman, a divorced father and a gay man share an apartment in Bucharest. When the woman falls in love with a Hungarian writer from Transylvania, her friends are jealous and call him a peasant. The writer is handsome, smart, he loves animals and rides a horse, so she sees him as a prince. The happy family could break up at any moment. Read More »

Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter – Space Dogs (2019)

Laika, a stray dog, was the first living being to be sent into space and thus to a certain death. According to a legend, she returned to Earth as a ghost and has roamed the streets of Moscow ever since. Following her trace, and filmed from a dog’s perspective, SPACE DOGS accompanies the adventures of her descendants: two street dogs living in today’s Moscow. Their story is one of intimate fellowship but also relentless brutality, and is interwoven with unseen archive material from the Soviet cosmic era. A magical tale of voyagers scouting for unknown spaces. Read More »

Tadashi Imai – Kome AKA Rice (1957)

Everyday, 12 April 2006
Author: sharptongue from Sydney, Australia

The style is equivalent to the kitchen sink dramas which came to prominence in the 1950s. No kitchen sinks here, but plenty of the gritty (or, more accurately, muddy) details of everyday life on rice farms and fishing boats, where the only labour-saving device is a cow to pull a rotary hoe – and the cow is only on hire. Much screen time is devoted to planting and harvesting the rice, and catching fish and eels on the lake. Punishing work, liked by no-one. Read More »

Mervyn LeRoy – I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932)

Synopsis wrote:
Warner Bros.’ hard-hitting chain-gang movie was a faithful adaptation of the similarly titled autobiography of Robert Elliot Burns. Paul Muni plays World War I veteran James Allen, whose plans of becoming a master architect evaporate in the cold light of economic realities. Times get really tough when he’s falsely convicted of a crime and forced to work on a chain gang. Read More »

Liliane de Kermadec – He Film (2011)

The Chinese government provides the villages in the mountains of Sichuan (China) with films. The main character of this film is a projectionist who, 37 years ago, used to carry his old projector on foot and bicycle. He would display a small screen across the road or between trees in front of a farm… It’s the same today except that he rides a motorcycle, carries a large screen and that the films travel two thousand kilometers from Beijing to Chengdu by satellite, before he picks them up on his motorcycle. Up in the mountains, people bring a stool out on the road and watch. That story takes place in Beijing and the beautiful mountains covered with bamboos above Chengdu Read More »

Massimo Iannetta & Nina Toussaint – La décomposition de l’âme AKA Zersetzung der Seele AKA The Decomposition of the Soul (2002)


There are always people who say: you can’t change people by force. Them, they say: it’s not so clear, we know our business and have a lot of time.

The former central preventive prison for political prisoners of the former GDR Ministry of State Security (Stasi) in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen was not an ordinary place of detention. This building, which did not appear on the maps of East Berlin and which still bears traces of Germany’s recent history (Nazism, Soviet occupation, communist dictatorship), has the grim particularity of having as many interrogation rooms as detention cells. Read More »

Steve Binder – The T.A.M.I. Show (1964)

Filmed just eight months after The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, THE T.A.M.I. SHOW introduced rock ‘n’ soul youth culture to America in the first concert movie of the rock era. One of the rarest and most sought-after performance films from its time, the 1964 concert event featured future Rock and Roll Hall of Famers The Rolling Stones, James Brown, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson And The Miracles, The Supremes and many other American and British Invasion hitmakers in their prime. Read More »