Maya Deren – Witch’s Cradle (1944) (HD)

“In 1944 Maya made a film at the Peggy Guggenheim Art of this Century Gallery with Marcel Duchamp called Witches Cradle. Deren used the camera, as she envisioned medieval witches and magicians did, to ‘defy’ time and space through the disappearance and reappearance of objects. Based on an article written by the Frenchman Charles Duits, colleague of Andre Breton and an extra in Ritual in Transfigured Time, Deren compared these medieval witches and magicians to the surrealists, and had a brief association with the movement. She resisted the label attached to her work and defended her position in scholarship and on tour for lecture/demonstrations.” (algonet.se) Read More »

Leslie Fenton – Streets of Laredo (1949)

Streets of Laredo is a streamlined and Technicolorful remake of Paramount’s 1936 box-office champ The Texas Rangers. William Holden, William Bendix and MacDonald Carey star as roguish outlaws Jim Dawkins, Wahoo Jones and Lorn Remming. After rescuing a little girl named Rannie Carter from a wicked tax collector, Dawkins and Jones decide to switch to the right side of the law; Remming, however, has other ideas. Years later, Rennie has grown up quite prettily into Mona Freeman, while Jim and Wahoo have become scrupulous members of the newly-formed Texas Rangers. Jim is in love with Rennie, but she has eyes for the still-crooked Lorn — at least until Lorn proves to be the louse that the audience knew he was from the first reel. Read More »

Maya Deren – Ritual in Transfigured Time (1946)

Ritual in Transfigured Time is like a dream, meaning that the various sequences don’t seem to have any connection to each other unless you try to approach this film in a different way and not as a conventional hollywood movie.

The main character in the film is Rita Christiani who after a strange scene with Maya Deren herself who disappears startling Rita, appears in this ball with ladies and gentlemen dancing. This film has one of the most beautiful scenes in a Maya Deren’s film when Rita Christiani while she’s dancing she appears to float in the air. Read More »

Fridrikh Ermler – Velikiy perelom AKA The Great Turning Point (1945)

World War II. German high command accumulates enormous forces for the assault. Soviet troops commanded by General Muravyov repulse the enemy attacks. Soviet army scouts find out the exact day and time of the decisive offensive. Muravyov is determined to forestall the Nazis and plasters the enemy with fire. All is quiet. Will the fascist troops weakened by the surprise fire begin their offensive or put off the attack? Read More »

Sergei Yutkevich – Zdravstvuy, Moskva! AKA Hello Moscow! (1945)

SYNOPSIS: On an amateur arts festival the little boy, accompanying itself on a bayan, sings a song about Moscow … In a basis of a plot of film — the story of director of a vocational school about history of old bayan. Belonged once to the experienced worker who has lost during demonstration of 1905, the instrument has visited many hands before has got to children. Read More »

Henri Decoin – L’homme de Londres AKA The London Man (1943)

Synopsis (possible spoilers):

‘A port swathed in dense fog sees the coming and going of boats all day. During the night, Maloin is the man who controls the trains that transport goods to and from the port. One evening, he sees a man get off the boat from London and hand his suitcase to another man who has been waiting for him. Unaware that Maloin is watching them, the two men get into a fight, which ends with one of them falling into the water with the suitcase. As the other man flees, Maloin dives in and recovers the suitcase. To his surprise, it is full of money. Back home, he tells nothing about this to his wife and daughter but hints that they will soon have a better life. What follows will prove otherwise…’
– Willems Henri Read More »

Börje Larsson – En trallande jänta AKA Miss Swing (1942)

Inger, a parentless country girl of 17, dreams of being a professional singer. Through donations from the commune she gets the opportunity to go to the city for proper singing lessons, and a lot of swing on the sly… Read More »