Tetsuji Takechi – Ukiyoe zankoku monogatari aka Ukiyo-e Cruel Story (1968)

Sayo has just celebrated her sixteenth birthday when she attends a temple festival. On her way back she sees a large cherry tree which is infamous for the legend of dead white horse. When her fiancé returns from war and visits her he comes across a white horse which he takes in. Read More »

Charles Matton – La pomme ou L’histoire d’une histoire AKA Apple or the Story of a Story (1965)

A family’s life is transformed into an object of art. Read More »

André Téchiné – Paulina s’en va AKA Paulina Is Leaving (1969)

The first film by André Téchiné, and also one of Bulle Ogier’s early starring roles. Here’s the short synopsis from IMDb:
Paulina leaves the apartment where she lives with her two brothers. Her departure is marked by chaotic and sometimes violent confrontations. In a café, she meets a mysterious stranger who works in a nearby psychiatric clinic. Read More »

Jürgen Böttcher – Ofenbauer AKA Furnace Builders (1962)

At the Eisenhüttenkombinat Ost an der Oder, a new blast furnace is being moved to replace a burnt-out one. 2000 tons have to be moved 18 meters: Three times we hear it in the commentary. Master Klaus is now in command. His orders are to be obeyed at all costs. Men at work: tense faces, examining hands, the sound of screeching winds and steel cables stretched to breaking point. Everything is going well, and it is a new best performance: The downtime of the plant has been reduced from 80 to 40 days, the commentary says. Read More »

Cy Endfield & Roger Corman & Gordon Hessler – De Sade (1969)

A fictionalized biography of the world’s most celebrated sexual and physical pervert, who was infamous for his erotic behavior – going from woman to woman, seeking a love that eluded him. Read More »

Roy Ward Baker – The Singer Not the Song (1961)

During the 1950s, in a small isolated Mexican village, the local Roman Catholic priest, Father Gomez (Leslie French), is an older man with a broken spirit. During his tenure in the village of Quantano, he fought hard to keep his flock of parishioners, in spite of threats and intimidation from the part of local bandit Anacleto Comachi (Sir Dirk Bogarde) and his men. The atheistic bandit has imposed his tyrannical rule over the region for many years. The local Police cannot find any witnesses to come forward and testify to any wrongdoing from the part of Anacleto. Therefore, they cannot charge him or arrest him. The Catholic Church replaces Father Gomez with a younger, more energetic priest, Father Keogh (Sir John Mills) from Ireland. Before departing the village, Father Gomez warns Father Keogh of the dangers of defying Anacleto Comachi’s authority. Read More »

José Bolaños – La soldadera AKA The Female Soldier (1966)

“La soldadera” (the female soldier) focuses upon Lázara, a simple country girl who is caught up in the Mexican Revolution. At the beginning of the film, she is a newlywed whose husband, Juan, is forced to join the federal army during the revolution. Lázara chooses to follow Juan, but unfortunately he is soon killed in battle. One of the Villista soldiers (supporters of Pancho Villa), Nicolás, takes Lázara to be his woman and so she becomes part of their band. Lázara has to walk alongside Nicolás’ horse whilst carrying his rifle and gun belt as they travel. One of the older “soldaderas” puts the gun belt on Lázara and shows her how to shoot. Although Lázara does not fight, she is present during moments of conflict and is involved in the looting of a town. But Lázara wishes for nothing more than a home. Read More »