Olivia Block, Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder – Untitled (2008)

Untitled (2008), 16mm film performance; technical specifications: double 16mm film projection, electric humidifiers; glass, mixed media; original score by Olivia Block. A minimalist monochromatic film frame is projected through a glass pane fogged via a humidification system. Read More »

Julie Taymor – The Tempest (2010)

Adaptation of Shakespeare’s play. Prospera, the female form of the male role in the original story, is banished from Milan by her brother. She finds herself stranded on an island with her four-year-old daughter and the beast Caliban. After 12 years of isolation, she gets the chance to take her revenge on her sibling, by causing a storm that wrecks his ship and strands those on board. Show less Read More »

Dover Koshashvili – Matana MiShamayim AKA Gift from Above (2003)

This movie is not as good as the first one but is in the same style and idea. This one has some very funny ideas in it. Moni Moshonov (as always) gives a great show, he is by far one of the best (if not the best) actor in israel today. He is however the only one that does not take his clothes of. This movie like hatona meoheret has a alot (some might say too much) of nudity and sex scenes so dont. Hope you enjoy and if you do watch hatona meoheret
IMDB-user Read More »

Krzysztof Zanussi – Il Sole nero AKA Black Sun (2007)

Agata and Manfredi is a young couple in Catania, deeply in love and growing happier as time goes by. When Manfredi is shot and killed, Agata emerges from her shock with a desire for vengeance. Once she identifies the murderer herself, she methodically seduces him in order to exact a confession. Read More »

Alejandro Fernández Almendras – Huacho (2009)

Synopsis: During a long day at the end of summer, four country family members from southern Chile (Cornelio, his wife Clemira, their daughter Alejandra and grandson Manuel), must fight to adapt to a rapidly changing world, in wich a Playstation or a new dress can be as valuable as a liter of milk, or a glass of wine; where the line between tradition and modernity is quickly disappearing. Read More »

Kira Muratova – Kukla AKA Doll (2008)

Fraud has always been a burning issue. The story could have taken place in any era. But the very title – “The Doll”, that is, a fake wad of money – points to our times. The character in the film is a hilarious sadist. It’s a perversion of the psyche that borders on insanity: “I hate my ex-wife so much that I’ll pretend to ennoble her and actually play a trick on her.” Read More »

Aleksey Mizgiryov – Buben, baraban AKA Tambourine, Drum (2009)

Yekaterina Artemovna (Natalia Negoda), forty-five, has a hard life. She lives in a small mining town where she works as a librarian and, like her only friend and colleague, rents a little room in a project. She has difficulties making ends meet on her meagre salary, which is often paid late, and sells off some of the library’s books illegally in a nearby station. One day, a man with a strong sense of civic duty, wearing a naval uniform, returns one of these books to the library, apparently without recognising it was Yekaterina who had actually sold him the book. Read More »