Rodrigo Moreno – Un mundo misterioso AKA A Mysterious World (2011)

Ana tells Boris, “I need time.” Boris is confused. Time? A period of separation? What does Ana mean? Does ‘time’ mean a week, a month, a year, or ten years? All at once, Boris is alone. Things are pretty tough for Boris whose problems begin the moment he tries to organise his everyday life. Boris knows that planning, organisation and appointments are as important as taking one’s relationship seriously – but how on earth is he to manage all that?
Boris decides to buy his first car. His baby blue second-hand Romanian-built car is a dead ringer for a Renault 6. In fact, rather like the car’s owner, it’s somewhat conspicuous at first glance, but perfectly normal underneath. After a while and on closer inspection however, characteristics begin to emerge that nobody would have suspected; traits that could make it difficult to envisage a harmonious life together. Boris starts meeting people. A classmate introduces him to a circle of friends that end up confusing him. But then, Boris is invited to Uruguay to spend New Year’s Eve with friends in Montevideo. He climbs into his blue Tokha and sets off, but when he arrives in Montevideo there’s nobody at home, and when he calls all he gets is an answering machine message.
Rodrigo Moreno’s UN MUNDO MISTERIOSO tells the story of a likeable oddball moving through a paralysed society threatened by economic ruin. Read More »

Xinyuan Zheng Lu – Ta fang jian li de yun AKA The Cloud in Her Room (2020)

It’s winter and 22-year-old Muzi has returned to her home town of Hangzhou for a visit, a new year is around the corner. Her parents are long since separated, her father has a wife and young daughter and her mother is dating, though the old family apartment is still furnished as was. Muzi befriends an older bar owner and her university boyfriend comes looking for her, although no relationships here are straightforward. It takes time to work out how everyone connects to Muzi anyway, there are no explanations or introductions and one scene can shift into another without warning, creating ellipses along the way; it’s less about telling a story than capturing a mood, the same sense of melancholy stasis that settles even over the sudden outbursts of feeling. Yet the camera is always active, eagerly seeking out unusual perspectives and subjective impressions: the damp rock in the vast underground cavern, the lights in the winding corridor of the karaoke bar, the mist that forms by the river at night, the texture of pubic hair in bathwater. In black and white, the urban spaces seem even emptier; when the black and white is inverted, the city looks like a far-of planet and maybe that’s the point. “Every time I come back, it’s more different than before.” Read More »

Dominik Graf – Tatort: Der rote Schatten (2017)

Christoph Heider is caught as he abducts the body of his wife from the cemetery chapel. Marianne Heider allegedly died in a bathtub accident, but Heider considers her current partner Wilhelm Jordan guilty and would like to have her autopsied again abroad. Read More »

Bertrand Bonello – Sarah Winchester, opéra fantôme (2016)

An opera ballet that doesn’t exist. A ghost-like piece, played in Opera Bastille and danced at Opera Garnier, An almost mystical link between both scenes, A musician is testing sounds in Bastille’s pit, The choir are taking their place in the rehearsal studio, Both sides are fine tuning the work in progress of an opera ballet : SARAH WINCHESTER, her grief, her madness, her home and her ghosts. Read More »

Adam Pinney – The Arbalest (2016)

Foster Kalt, a famous toy inventor in the 1970s, reflects on his lifelong obsession with Sylvia Frank. From his first meeting with Sylvia in a New York Hotel Room in 1968, to years later when he is stalking her from a cabin in the woods, the puzzle pieces of Kalt’s obsession come together to form his latest, shocking invention. Read More »

Johann Lurf – Embargo (2014)

Using elaborate recording technology, Johann Lurf breathes life into Austrian arms manufacturers – more precisely, the surface of their architecture, which is visible from a distance and therefor contradicts the information embargo inside. Set to a driving gaming sound, levels shift and signal lights glow in rich contrasts. In our midst and yet seemingly from another world Read More »

Marguerite Abouet & Clément Oubrerie – Aya de Yopougon AKA Aya of Yop City (2013)

Plot:Based on Marguerite Abouet’s popular graphic novel series about her life in 1970s post-colonial Cote d’Ivoire, this animated film chronicles the story of 19-year-old Aya and her friends Adjoua and Bintou, who live in the working-class neighborhood of Abidjian (renamed Yop City). While Aya would like to become a doctor one day, her friends are more interested in nightclubbing at the local maquis and hunting for a husband. A comedy filled with diverse voices and characters, Aya of Yop City is a portrait of modern urban Africa. (from bam.org) Read More »