• Ramzi Bashour – The Trees (2021)

    Bashir attends his father’s funeral in rural Lebanon only to discover a pathogen infecting the trees in his village. A dark comedy about tradition, grief, and the environment.Read More »

  • Todd Field – Tár (2022)

    One of the most controversial and talked-about films of last year, receiving mostly praise from critics and audiences alike, but also some dissenting voices that consider the film overrated, contrived and ethically questionable. The film has received many prizes at various festivals, especially for the titular performance by Cate Blanchett, but it was snubbed at the Oscars, winning none of its six nominations. Is it art, or should the writer-director be tarred and feathered for depicting thinly-masked real-life figures in a questionable light? See the film and decide for yourself.Read More »

  • Aleksandr Sokurov – Skazka aka Fairytale (2022)

    A civil and artistic statement about those who determined the fate of the planet: Stalin, Churchill, Mussolini, Hitler, according to a Russian newspaper.Read More »

  • Corey Deshon – Daughter (2022)

    A young woman is inducted into a bizarre family as their new surrogate daughter.Read More »

  • Ernesto Ardito – Sexo y revolución AKA Sex and Revolution (2021)

    In the early ‘70s, in Argentina, a group of homosexuals decided to confront the status quo. With testimonies from its survivors as its denouncement source, Sex and Revolution brings back the voices of those who thought in order to be recognized as political actors in a society that wasn’t prepared for them.Read More »

  • Louis Garrel – La croisade AKA The Crusade (2021)

    Abel (Louis Garrel), Marianne (Laetitia Casta) and their 13-year-old son Joseph (Joseph Engel) live together in Paris. Their everyday existence is thrown into turmoil when Abel and Marianne discover that Joseph has secretly sold valuables from the family home to finance a mysterious ecological project he and his friends have in Africa. They’re about to save the planet…Read More »

  • Joana Pimenta & Adirley Queirós – Mato Seco em Chamas AKA Dry Ground Burning (2022)

    A lightning rod dispatch from contemporary—and maybe future—Brazil, this astonishing mix of documentary and speculative fiction takes place in the nearly postapocalyptic environs of the Sol Nascente favela in Brasilia. Here, fearsome outlaw Chitara (Joana Darc Furtado) leads an all-female gang that siphons and steals precious oil from the authoritarian, militarized government, while her sister, Léa (Léa Alves da Silva), recently released from prison, is brought into the criminal enterprise.Read More »

  • David Lowery – Oak Thorn & The Old Rose of Love (2022)

    Two entities exchange their knowledge in unconventional ways.Read More »

  • Kiwi Chow – Revolution of Our Times (2021) (HD)

    7.4 million Hongkongers have lost their freedom and the younger generations that protested were beaten, battered, and arrested without just cause by the Hong Kong police. Yet, it has all been remarkably well documented, for those who have not chosen to turn a blind-eye. Recent documentaries like Days Before Dawn and We Have Boots have done excellent work recording the street protests and the violent tactics used to suppress them, but the shocking brutality exposed in this film surpasses them all. Your heart will ache and your jaw will drop after watching Kiwi Chow’s Revolution in Our Times, which opens Friday in New York and Los Angeles.Read More »

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