Daniel Sandu – Tata muta muntii AKA The Father Who Moves Mountains (2021)

Mircea, a retired intelligence officer, finds out that his son from has gone missing in the mountains. After days of searches, Mircea put his own rescue team together, leading to altercation… Read More »

Luiz Bolognesi – A Última Floresta AKA The Last Forest (2021)

In powerful images, alternating between documentary observation and staged sequences, and dense soundscapes, Luiz Bolognesi documents the Indigenous community of the Yanomami and depicts their threatened natural environment in the Amazon rainforest. Read More »

Peter Tscherkassky – Train Again (2021)

18 years after Kurt Kren produced his third film 3/60 Bäume im Herbst, he shot his masterpiece 37/78 Tree Again. 18 years after I created my third darkroom film L’Arrivée (an homage to the Lumière brothers and their 1895 L’Arrivée d’un train), I embarked on Train Again. This third film in my “Rushes Series” is an homage to Kurt Kren that simultaneously taps into a classic motif in film history. My darkroom ride took a few years, but we finally arrived: All aboard! (Peter Tscherkassky) Read More »

Marta Popivoda – Pejzazi otpora AKA Landscapes of Resistance (2021)

Sofia Sonja Vujanovic joins the Communists fighting the Nazis occupying WWII Serbia and after being taken to Auschwitz becomes a resistance leader there. Read More »

Heinz Emigholz – Casa Golly (2021)

The films of pre-eminent documentary filmmaker Heinz Emigholz present the most important architects of the 20th century not through explanation or biography, but by using the camera to reveal the structures that define their art. From Bruce Goff’s churches to Gabriele D’Annunzio’s villas to Robert Maillart’s bridges, each exploratory and contemplative film is dedicated to the work of a single architect; taken together, the series shows us some of the most beautiful buildings of our time. Read More »

Margaux Benn, Solène Chalvon-Fioriti – Afghanistan: Vivre en pays Taliban AKA Afghanistan: Willkommen bei den Taliban AKA Afghanistan: The Land of the Taliban (2021)

ARTE wrote:
Afghan security forces are non-existent, a president has fled to Tajikistan, and the fundamentalists have settled in an empty place.

Last May, when the Taliban were already in control of a large part of the country, our filmmakers followed the “masters of the countryside” on their land, whose public stonings had struck fear into the hearts of the whole world.

Twenty years after being driven out of power by the American military intervention, the Taliban entered Kabul, without resistance, to the astonishment of the international community.
With Afghan security forces non-existent and a president on the run in Tajikistan, the fundamentalists have settled into an empty place. Read More »

Heinz Emigholz – Antivilla (2021)

I am concerned with the cinematic recreation of the immediate experience of spaces, with the most accurate possible portrait of these spaces and its details in cinema.
Heinz Emigholz Read More »