Adolfas Mekas

  • Adolfas Mekas – Going Home (1972)

    1971-1980Adolfas MekasDocumentaryUSA

    Made by Adolfas Mekas and Pola Chapelle, the film is about childhood memories and life’s harships and the durability of families. In 1971, after a twenty-seven year absence, Adolfas and his brother Jonas returned to their birthplace in Lithuania. They had left Lithuania as young men, destined for a German labor camp. now they came home, Adolfas with his wife, the singer Pola Chapelle, and in the long northern summer days they sang and walked across golden fields and feasted at crowded tables with family and friends. There are flowers for the dead and for the living in this film; it is full of flowers and songs.Read More »

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