Affonso Uchoa

Affonso Uchoa – Sete anos em Maio AKA Seven Years in May (2019)

Following the internationally acclaimed film ARÁBIA, Brazilian filmmaker A onso Uchôa presents his new take on social injustice. In the darkness of the night and lit only by a bonfire, a young man delivers a long, sickening confession of a traumatic experience he su ered seven years before. One night, when coming back home from work, he was surprised by a group of cops looking for him at his mother’s house. Taken for another man, Rafael dos Santos was persecuted and violently abused by the police. From that moment on, his life changed forever, as if that night never ended. Read More »

Affonso Uchoa & João Dumans – Arábia AKA Araby (2017) (HD)

Andre is a young boy that lives in an industrial neighborhood in Ouro Preto, Brazil, near an old aluminum factory. One day he finds a notebook from one of the factory workers. Read More »