Åke Sandgren

  • Åke Sandgren – Fluerne på væggen AKA Flies on the Wall (2005)

    Åke Sandgren2001-2010DenmarkThriller

    “Fluerne på væggen” is the latest release of director Ake Sandgren, who is perhaps best known for giving us the amusing and profound dogma movie “Et Rigtigt Menneske” (2001). This movie purports to be of the political thriller variety which at least in Denmark has been given a new lease of life with last year’s blockbuster success “Kongekabale”.Read More »

  • Åke Sandgren – Et Rigtigt menneske AKA Truly Human (2001)

    2001-2010Åke SandgrenArthouseDenmarkDogma FilmsDrama

    A modern fable about an invisible man who gets the chance to become a real human being. He has to learn to be brave, honest and conscientious. ‘P’ is a fantasy figure, living behind the wallpaper in seven year-old Lisa’s bedroom. Due to the destruction of the building in which Lisa lives, P leaves Lisa and her fantasy world. He ends up at a refugee center, where he learns Danish and becomes an integrated member of society. An apartment is assigned to P and he gets a job in a shoe store. P’s naiveté and good will makes him an easy prey. Without being guilty, he becomes under suspicion of being a wanted child molester. This is the story of P’s dramatic journey through the Fall of Man in an attempt to become a good citizen.Read More »

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