Alain Guiraudie

Alain Guiraudie – Viens je t’emmène AKA Nobody’s Hero (2022)

Christmas Eve is ruined by an act of terrorism in the city of Clermont-Ferrand. As the city descend into panic, thirty something Mederic falls in love with older prostitute Isadora. Read More »

Alain Guiraudie – Tout droit jusqu’au matin AKA Straight Ahead Until Morning (1994)

Night after night a watchman hunts for a man who has been repainting the town in the color red. Read More »

Alain Guiraudie – Les héros sont immortels AKA Heroes Never Die (1990)

Guiraudie’s first film concerns two young men engaged in a favorite pastime: hanging out and talking. Specifically, they wait in the square of a small town for a third: the potential funder of their proposed magazine. Read More »

Alain Guiraudie – L’inconnu du lac (2013)

Summertime. A cruising spot for men, tucked away on the shores of a lake. Franck falls in love with Michel. An attractive, potent and lethally dangerous man. Franck knows this, but wants to live out his passion anyway. Read More »

Alain Guiraudie – Voici venu le temps AKA Time Has Come (2005)

The time has come when the warriors of Obitania are once again on the alert. They set out in pursuit of Manjas-Kebir, a bandit who has kidnapped Rixo Lomadis Bron’s daughter. Bron is a wealthy landowner who reigns over the shepherds of the Purple Mountain. The time has come when Rixo Lomadis Bron accuses Manjas-Kebir of killing his daughter and urges all the country’s inhabitants to track down the assassin. It’s the time when Radovan Remila Stoï, the land’s greatest warrior, rises up against this foolhardy act which has every chance of leading to war. The time has come when Fogo Lompla, a warrior whose search methods have no equal, begins to wonder about the untraceable Manjas-Kebir, his struggle in favour of the liberation of the shepherds, the life of perpetual wandering that his warrior existence leads to, and about unrequited love. — Read More »

Alain Guiraudie – Pas de repos pour les braves AKA No Rest for the Brave (2003)

First of all there is Basile Matin, a young man who dreamt of Fafatao-Laoupo, symbol of the penultimate sleep… Now he knows that he will die if he ever falls asleep again in his life. The problem is, that at his age you still like to think that you have your life before you. And then there is Igor, another type altogether. He works a little and studies almost not at all… But he doesnt have any money and he is bored. That is why Basiles story is terribly interesting to him, even if he doesn’t really understand it. ( Read More »

Alain Guiraudie – Ce vieux rêve qui bouge aka Real cool time (2001)

“Ce vieux rêve qui bouge est sans doute le meilleur film du festival de Cannes”, (Jean-Luc Godard, mai 2001)

From Time Out Film Guide
A young guy turns up at a rundown factory to dismantle some kind of machine before the place closes in a week. In the process, he gets to talk to the understandably morose staff about how they plan to face the future. About work, economics, class, sex, money, happiness and a whole lot more, this unassuming, sometimes funny and always surprising film has been hailed by Godard – perhaps the most sensible thing he’s done in years. It’s near perfect, without an ounce of narrative fat or stylistic gristle, and utterly relevant. Read More »