Alan Berliner

  • Alan Berliner – Nobody’s Business (1996)

    1991-2000Alan BerlinerDocumentaryUSA

    Face To Face With The Past (Part 2):
    Alan Berliner’s “Nobody’s Business”
    by Andrew J. Horton (from Kinoeye)

    Intrigued by his family’s Central European past, Alan Berliner turned the camera on his father to find out more. Nobody’s Business (USA, 1996) is Berliner’s witty account of the uphill struggle which followed. You might have thought that interviewing your father would be a relatively easy thing for a documentarist to do. You obviously don’t have a father like Alan Berliner’s. Tetchy and cantankerous, Oscar Berliner has little understanding for his son’s project – and this is the joy of the film.Read More »

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