Alan Vydra

  • Alan Vydra – Leos Leiden AKA Born Erect (1976)

    1971-1980Alan VydraComedyEroticaGermany
    Leos Leiden (1976)
    Leos Leiden (1976)

    Leo suffers from priapism. His biggest goal is to find healing, but this endeavor turns out not to be easy.

    Starring: Eric Braun, Angelika Hefner, Carmen Miehlich, Jeannie Baker, Michaela Roos, Uschi Wagner, Gerhard Hartig, Helga Richter, Crystine Roberts, Vicki West, Monika Metzger, Sandra Peterson, Peter Straus & Jeannette Charles.Read More »

  • Alan Vydra – The Pleasure Shoppe (1980)

    1971-1980Alan VydraEroticaUSA

    Women who enter into the Pleasure Shop that is owned by Hoffman and his sons have the time of their livesRead More »

  • Alan Vydra – Sound of Love (1982)

    1981-1990Alan VydraEroticaUSA

    IMDb comments: A conductor has grown tired of sex, ignoring his wife played by the always beautiful Annette Haven, but his masterpiece is to be a recording of women having orgasms. He hires a sound engineer to procure them, in stereo. With $500 an orgasm at stake he takes matters into his own hands with a half dozen different women, including the wife of course, to fulfill his clients wishes. Because of the theme of the movie, the sounds are very authentic making the scenes more memorable. This movie also appears to have been filmed before all sense of style and plot went away in the adult film industry. It is interesting that according to the date of release Crystal Breeze would have been 16 during filming, but she sure doesn’t look it. She is also credited as Mindy Cole on the Excalibur release.Read More »

  • Alan Vydra – Happening AKA Les soumises (1981)

    1981-1990Alan VydraEroticaGermany

    Carolyn Grace has an older husband who insists she wear very old-fashioned night clothes and is obviously unexciting in bed. She has lots of fantasies, triggered by chance events and encounters.Read More »

  • Alan Vydra – Abflug Bermudas (1976)

    1971-1980Alan VydraEroticaExploitationGermany

    Labeled as an erotic thriller this is the third full feature by Alan Vydra.
    Besides being producer, and director Vydra also edited the movie and did camera.

    Poor Mario an orphan who had served in the foreign legion works for a night club owner and gangster boss who has a human trafficking operation running. Mario is in love with Cora the girlfriend of the boss. Our hero plans to take the girl and leave the city of Hamburg straight to the Bermudas. Trouble ahead?Read More »

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