Alberto Cavallone

Alberto Cavallone – Afrika (1973)

from the Roberto Curti article at esotika’s site:
“Decolonized Africa as a modern-day Little Big Horn, white men as general Custer’s soldiers: that’s how Cavallone described the concept that spawned Afrika (1973). It’s an uncomfortable, uncommercial premise that shows how little Cavallone cared of commercial issues. The theme is once again that of cultural/political clash, in a country – Ethiopia – that’s experiencing a sort of “new birth” after the end of colonialism. Cavallone echoed the confusion and identity crisis of a whole country with those of a group of Europeans who chose to hide themselves in the Third World rather than solve their existential problems. Read More »

Alberto Cavallone – Zelda (1974)

From imdb:
Henry Davis and Zelda are a couple with peculiar sexual tastes. In order to have more freedom, they send their daughter Ingrid to study in a school away from home. They have a relationship with Ursula but, after some time, when they get tired of her, they involve Christian and his wife Clarissa in their erotic games. When Ingrid comes to spend some time home, her presence becomes the catalyst of profound transformations Read More »

Alberto Cavallone – Dal nostro inviato a Copenaghen (1970)

“Two U.S. army deserters of the Vietnam War take refuge in Copenhagen, trying by all means to find a job to survive. Once there one of them becomes schizophrenic, recalling the murders and torture that took place on the front. He has many outbursts and is hidden in the home of a psychiatrist who is trying to heal with unorthodox methods.” Read More »

Alberto Cavallone – La Gemella erotica (1980)

“Same Face, Same Body, Same Vice!, 3 September 2005
Author: ANTONIO LA TORRE (BCULT) from Palermo, Italy

Two twin sisters are absolutely identical. Physically, but not mentally. In fact first sister is an unbridled nymphomaniac who continually collects sexual embraces. The second is timid and emotional. One day the first wants to involve her ingénue sister in this vicious circle, getting upsetting and unpredictable results. ‘La gemella erotica’ (Erotic Twin) was shot on Lake of Vico, central Italy. It is one of director Alberto Cavallone’s darkest films and one of the most indicative movie about Italian extreme cinema (banned to the minors), now become Cult Cinema. Also titled ‘Due gocce d’acqua’ (As Two Drops of Water), produced by Euritalia Cinematografica. O.S.T. was composed by maestro Carlo Carnelli. ” Read More »

Alberto Cavallone – Quickly, spari e baci a colazione (1971)


QUICKLY, SPARI E BACI A COLAZIONE (1967) Also known as: “Quickly, Shoot and Kiss Before Dinner.” Extremely rare war thriller/ comedy, which seems to take place in South America. Starring Antonio Casale, Magda Kanopka, Claudie Lang, and others. Read More »