Alberto Grifi

  • Alberto Grifi – Dinni e la Normalina, ovvero la videopolizia psichiatrica contro i sedicenti gruppi di follia militante (1978)

    1971-1980Alberto GrifiExperimentalItaly

    This is a quite a rare example of a political sci-fi filmed without means. An excessive and schizophrenic creature, DINNI E LA NORMALINA allows Grifi’s more playful soul to see the light, while not dispersing the dark reflection on the exploitation by media institutions. Although the film is completely finished, in 2004 Grifi filmed new material to be integrated into the editing process: a homeless man who wanders among carcasses of burned scooters, queues of employees who show their feces to the health inspectors. Unfortunately this material remains unpublished.Read More »

  • Alberto Grifi & Massimo Sarchielli – Anna (1975)

    1971-1980Alberto GrifiDocumentaryItalyMassimo Sarchielli

    Shot in 1972, first shown in 1975, and newly restored by the Cineteca di Bologna, Alberto Grifi and massimo Sarchielli’s ANNA is an astonishing nearly four-hour documentary about a 16-year-old homeless junkie, eight months pregnant, whom the filmmakers discovered in Rome’s Piazza Navona. Mainly shot on then-newfangled video (which at times gives the black-and-white images a ghostly translucence), it documents the interactions between the beautiful, clearly damaged, often dazed teenager and the directors, who take her in partly out of compassion and partly because she’s a fascinating subject for a film. Read More »

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