Alberto Lattuada

  • Alberto Lattuada – La Lupa AKA The Devil Is a Woman (1953)

    From IMDB:
    A woman in her thirties is a single mother of a teenager daughter, and both are in love with the same young soldier. Mother sacrifices herself for Maricchia’s marriage, but ultimately falls to her own passion, leading to family disruption.Read More »

  • Alberto Lattuada – La spiaggia aka The Boarder (1954)

    Summer 1953. Determined to go to Liguria with her little daughter Caterina for a short vacation, Anna Maria Mentorsi (who is in fact a prostitute), on the train that leads to the Riviera, is convinced by a nice gentleman (who later turns out to be the mayor of Pontorno) to not get off at Terrazzi, as she was going to do at first, but to stay indeed in the town of Pontorno.
    Believed to be a respectable widow, she’s at first accepted by the good society, by the other guests of the Hotel Palace and its beach-goers, but when turns out her job, the void is created around her.
    The mayor Silvio tries to help, but has not enough power to counter the hypocrisy and respectability.
    The only solution for Anna Maria seems to be linked to the local billionaire Chiastrino, envied and flattered by all.Read More »

  • Alberto Lattuada – Il bandito AKA The Bandit (1946)

    A contingent of Italian prisoners of war arrive on a train from Germany after World War II to Turin. The city where Ernesto lives has been bombed, his mother is dead and his sister has gone missing.Read More »

  • Alberto Lattuada – Christopher Columbus (1985)

    Under the direction of Alberto Lattuada, the film traces with economy and clarity the development of the dream to sail west in order to establish a new route to the riches of the East.Read More »

  • Alberto Lattuada – Senza pietà AKA Without Pity (1948)

    Filmed in 1948 as Senza Pieta, this Alberto Lattuada-directed effort came to America the following year as Without Pity. The film’s sensitive subject matter caused problems in distribution and approval; Lattuada was never known to shirk from a sociopolitical statement, even when it meant loss of revenue overseas. The plot is based on an actual postwar dilemma: in Northern Italy, dozens of black American GIs chose to go AWOL rather than return to a racially divided United States. John Kitzmiller plays an occupation soldier named Jerry, who decides to remain in Italy when he falls in love with a blonde, Caucasian local girl named Angela (Carla Del Poggio). Read More »

  • Various – 12 registi per 12 città (1989)


    Promotional omnibus film, made for the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy, featuring portraits of 12 Italian cities.
    For all those who will not be going to Italy for a vacation this year… here is the next best thing. A who’s who of Italian directors anno 1990 turn their cameras on a specific Italian city. Most of these (very) short films do not have dialogue of any kind, and rely instead solely on the beauty of the images and music to depict the various cities.

    Directed by
    Michelangelo Antonioni (segment “Roma”)
    Bernardo Bertolucci (segment “Bologna”)
    Giuseppe Bertolucci (segment “Bologna”)
    Mauro Bolognini (segment “Palermo”)
    Alberto Lattuada (segment “Genova”)
    Carlo Lizzani (segment “Cagliari”)
    Mario Monicelli (segment “Verona”)
    Ermanno Olmi (segment “Milano”)
    Gillo Pontecorvo (segment “Udine”)
    Francesco Rosi (segment “Napoli”)
    Mario Soldati (segment “Torino”)
    Lina Wertmüller (segment “Bari”)
    Franco Zeffirelli (segment “Firenze”)
    Read More »

  • Alberto Lattuada – Così come sei AKA Stay as you are (1978)


    A May-December romance.
    Roué Giulio Marengo, a Roman landscape architect unhappy in his marriage, meets Francesca, a young and beautiful Florentine, and then learns she might be his daughter. He resolves to keep his hands off but can’t seem to stay away, and she’s eager for a lover who’s a father figure. He’s happy to be a kid, so he tries to find out who her father is; his wife knows that something is up; his daughter, who’s Francesca’s age and is pregnant, encourages the affair.
    Should he tell Francesca his fears that it might be incest? If he tells her and she doesn’t care, what next? And what of his wife, who still wants to be married? Francesca takes control.Read More »

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