Aldo Francia

  • Aldo Francia – Valparaíso Mi Amor AKA Valparaiso, My Love (1970)

    1961-1970Aldo FranciaChileDrama

    If one movie captures the soul of a city, this is the one. Dealing with the social problems, telling the story of three brothers, sometimes tender, sometimes raw, Aldo Francia made a masterpiece showing us a Chilean neorealism movie. The dark and natural cinematography goes very well with this feature. The bitter story of a family with a father in jail, a mother and three brothers fighting against poverty and an unfair society, who rejects them even between another rejected people. Francia makes this bitter story with no weeping scenes or political speeches: is very real, very beautiful and very shocking.Read More »

  • Aldo Francia – Ya no basta con rezar AKA Enough Praying (1972)

    1971-1980Aldo FranciaChileDrama

    A good social movie of the early 70’s. It shows us the life of a man from Valparaíso, and how his religious beliefs are in conflict with his environment. Finally he discovers catholicism not always are in opposition with social issues. As usual in Aldo Francia’s movies, there are some documental scenes showing us the problems of poverty in his beloved Valparaíso. I think the last scene (where the protagonist sees the policial repression to a social meeting and suddenly gets a rock and throw it to the cops) was shot in a real demonstration. The actings are very natural and good, and Francia portrayed some typical people from the port (as “Cristo’e palo” and “Gitano” Rodríguez). The documental look and cinematography are very good in relation with the movie.Read More »

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