Alejo Moguillansky

  • Luciana Acuña & Alejo Moguillansky – La Edad Media AKA The Middle Ages (2022)

    2021-2030Alejo MoguillanskyArgentinaComedyLuciana Acuña

    Filmed during the COVID-19 lockdown, the movie is an almost absurd portrait of a family’s dynamic during the pandemic, set in directors Alejo Moguillansky and Luciana Acuña’s home and starring their real-life daughter. The Middle Ages features them taking online courses, trying to work and find moments of solitude in a perpetually full house. In essence, trying to not go completely crazy. Cleo, the 8-year-old star, is the protagonist and the one who copes best with the new crisis, as the story revolves around her trying to collect money to buy a telescope by selling the house’s objects. Moguillansky and Acuña produced a story that’s both relatable and also highly poetical and philosophical, in the playful and comedic fiction/documentary hybrid style they have mastered throughout their previous films.Read More »

  • Alejo Moguillansky – Por el dinero (2019)

    2011-2020Alejo MoguillanskyArgentinaArthouseComedy

    “We were workers of luxury. And nobody was rich enough to pay us. We had to be at the same time the actor and the documentarist. We had to be at the same time the painter and their muse. The poet and the landscape. The rifle and its prey. The rider and the horse. Don Quixote and Cervantes at the same time.” A miserable Argentine troupe of actors, dancers, musicians, film-makers and a girl embark on a theatre tour to some country, probably in Latin America. If ever love and money were irreconcilable, Por el dinero is the story of that tragedy. Read More »

  • Alejo Moguillansky – La vendedora de fósforos AKA The Little Match Girl (2017)

    2011-2020Alejo MoguillanskyArgentinaDrama

    Andersen’s “Little Match Girl”, Bresson’s donkey, the relationship between a German guerrilla and an Argentine pianist, and Helmut Lachenmann trying to stage an opera with the orchestra of the Teatro Colón on strike. In the middle of all that, Marie and Walter try to survive with their daughter.Read More »

  • Alejo Moguillansky & Fia-Stina Sandlund – El escarabajo de oro AKA The Gold Bug (2014)

    2011-2020AdventureAlejo MoguillanskyArgentinaArthouseFia-Stina Sandlund

    Feminism, Victoria Benedictsson, Leandro N. Alem, the Radical Party in Argentina, suicide, stunts, Edgar Allan Poe, the complicated relationship between low-budget films with a political message and the film industry, Robert Louis Stevenson, fiction, facts, greed, gold treasure left by the Jesuits in Argentina, the 19th century vs. the present and the search for truth and wisdom form the background for this portrait of a clash between a Swedish artist and an Argentinian director (Viennale)Read More »

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