Aleksandar Manic

  • Aleksandar Manic – Knjiga rekorda Sutke AKA The Shutka Book of Records (2005)

    2001-2010Aleksandar ManicDocumentaryNetherlands


    Known as the alleged world capital of the gypsy or Romany peoples, Shutka, Macedonia thrives on one goal: to be the champion of everything known to humankind. This “anthropological documentary comedy” looks at how people crave to be the best at what they do: no matter if that is hunting down vampires, collecting obsolete Turkish music on audio tapes, training geese to fight, or exterminating evil Genies. Winner of numerous awards world-wide and in its native country, this film is a wonderful examination of people, their quirks, and the wild and zany world within contemporary Serbia/Montenegro. Highly recommended for both entertainment and anthropological interest.Read More »

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