Aleksandr Rogozhkin

  • Aleksandr Rogozhkin – Karaul (1990)

    1981-1990Aleksandr RogozhkinDramaUSSR

    Synopsis (courtesy of the two IMDB comments):
    Very cinematic Russian tale of alienation and lost identity
    I saw this film on a local government television station in Australia called SBS which played it at midnight. There’s something very beautiful about this film which despite being set amidst the cold, harsh landscape of a desolate Russian territory it features the vitally honest, wan, lost eyes of the lead actor (whose name I can’t recall regrettably) whose vivid sense of alienation was extremely memorable. Its a B&W film about a military guard who finds himself lost amidst his fellow guards’ corruption and his own painful sense of duty versus his sense of goodness. Read More »

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