Aleksey Chupov

  • Aleksey Chupov & Natasha Merkulova – Chelovek, kotoryy udivil vsekh AKA The Man Who Surprised Everyone (2018)

    2011-2020Aleksey ChupovDramaNatasha MerkulovaRussia

    Diagnosed with cancer, a Siberian man, inspired by an ancient folk tale, tries to fool death by adopting a new identity—one that leads to ostracism and violence from the others in his village.

    Egor, a forest ranger in Siberia, finds out he has terminal cancer. He accepts his prognosis and prepares for the inevitable. His wife (Natalia Kudryashova), who is expecting another child, begs him to visit a shaman, who relates a Russian folktale about a creature who fooled fate by disguising itself. Therefore, Egor decides to disguise himself and dress as a woman. Dressing as a woman in a Siberian village is an audacious move that is way beyond the comprehension of the locals, and worst of all, his son and wife, who are mortified. Read More »

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