Aleksey Fedorchenko

  • Aleksey Fedorchenko – The Last Darling Bulgaria (2021)

    2021-2030Aleksey FedorchenkoArthouseComedyRussia

    A stark experiment by director A. Fedorchenko and a new form of cinema, which takes the spectator into the recollections of the protagonist, along corridors of memory and through key events of Russian history from the Silver Age to WWII.Read More »

  • Aleksey Fedorchenko – Voyna Anny AKA Anna’s War (2018)

    2011-2020Aleksey FedorchenkoDramaRussiaWar

    During World War II, a little girl is left without parents and is forced to hide from the Nazis, taking care of herself on her own. Day after day.

    11 wins & 17 nominations.Read More »

  • Aleksey Fedorchenko – Zheleznaya doroga AKA The Railway (2007)

    2001-2010Aleksey FedorchenkoArthouseFantasyRussia

    Mischa, a mute boy, sets out on a surrealistic journey together with his father and two men. Their means of transportation is an old Soviet locomotive, loaded with stolen coal. The travellers intend to sell off the loot on their way through the borderless steppes of inner Russia. As a parallel to the main plot, sequences of a mysterious travelling circus keep reappearing in a very suggestive way. Many of the odd artists at the circus are people that the four protagonists encounter in the wilderness along the overgrown railway.Read More »

  • Aleksey Fedorchenko – Pervye na Lune AKA First on the Moon (2005)

    2001-2010Aleksey FedorchenkoFantasyRussiaSci-Fi

    In spring 1938 in the mountains in the north of Chile a fiery UFO, later named “Chilean Sphere “, fell down. The investigation of this episode, made by a film crew, has led to a sensational discovery. It appeared that before the Second World War (in the thirties) in the USSR a secret space program had been developed. The Soviet scientists and military authorities managed to launch the first spacecraft 23 years prior to Jury Gagarin’s flight! “The First on the Moon” tells about everyday life, heroic deeds and tragedy of the first group of the Soviet cosmonauts. It is the first Russian film shot in a very rare genre ‘mockumentary’ or ‘documentary fiction’.Read More »

  • Aleksey Fedorchenko – Ovsyanki aka Silent Souls (2010)

    2001-2010Aleksey FedorchenkoDramaRussia

    Two buntings—small, sparrow-like birds—sit in a cage on the back of a bike in the opening moments of Aleksai Fedorchenko’s Silent Souls. The man peddling the bike (and narrating the film from beyond the grave) is Aist (Igor Sergeyev), a factory worker and photographer who descends from the Finno-Ugric tribe known as the Meryans. After work one day, Aist agrees to help his boss and friend, Miron (Yuri Tsurilo), perform the last Meryan rites for Miron’s recently departed wife. The two buntings are brought along, flittering and chirping in their cage, on the duo’s trip, while Miron reminisces about the erotic moments with his wife and Aist drifts on to think about rituals he had once indulged in with his father.Read More »

  • Aleksey Fedorchenko – Nebesnye zheny lugovykh mari AKA Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari (2012) (HD)

    2011-2020Aleksey FedorchenkoArthouseEroticaRussia

    The film was shot in Mari language and tells 23 different tales influenced by the Mari folklore. Each of these stories represents the specific approach to sexuality of “the last authentic pagans in Europe”. In view of this, the film could be considered a Mari “Decameron”.

    Comprised of 23 vignettes illuminating the pagan-influenced mores of western Russia’s Meadow Mari, the latest film from director Alexey Fedorchenko (Silent Souls) is a beguiling, painterly portrait of a culture driven by a ritualistic appreciation of female beauty and feminine sexuality.Read More »

  • Aleksey Fedorchenko – Angely revolyutsii AKA Angels of Revolution (2014)

    2011-2020Aleksey FedorchenkoDramaRussia


    Five friends – a poet, an actor, a painter, an architect and a primitivist film director – are five red avant-garde artists who try to find the embodiment of their hopes and dreams in the young Soviet state. The Revolution is boiling up like a bottle with apple cider: winged service dogs and heart-shaped potatoes, dead Semashko, the People’s Commissar for Health, and cheerful angels, love for the Tsar and love for the young secretary Annushka, executions and pregnancies – everything is interlaced and inseparable!Read More »

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