Aleksey Slusarchuk

  • Ilya Khrzhanovskiy & Aleksey Slusarchuk – DAU. Teoriya strun AKA DAU. String Theory (2020)

    2011-2020Aleksey SlusarchukDramaIlya KhrzhanovskiyRussia

    Nikita Nekrasov is a scientist, a theoretical physicist who studies our world and other possible worlds. He refuses to make a choice between mathematics and physics, between one woman and another, as he ponders the existence of the multi-universe. At scientific conferences, attended by eminent foreign scientists and a rising younger generation of physicists alike, Nekrasov gets carried away debating the beauty of string theory. He attempts to explain to all of his women – Katya, the librarian, Zoya, the scientific secretary, Svetalana, the head of department – about the theory of his own polygamy, and the possibility of having enough feelings to satisfy everyone.Read More »

  • Ilya Khrzhanovskiy & Aleksey Slusarchuk – DAU. Smelye ludi AKA DAU. Brave People (2020)

    2011-2020Aleksey SlusarchukDramaIlya KhrzhanovskiyRussia

    It is 1953, Stalin has just died. It is a troubled and uncertain period for the whole of the Soviet Union, particularly for the state security services. In the Institute, a secret research facility, the scientists continue their theoretical and experimental work. Every night they strain their ears to listen for footsteps in the dark corridors: who have they come for this time? Who has reported on who? Having survived the fear and humiliation of an interrogation, the Head of the Theoretical Department, Andrei Losev, refuses to cooperate with the security services, only to face a new ordeal back in his own home.Read More »

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