Alexandre Volkoff

  • Alexandre Volkoff – Casanova [English intertitles] (1927)

    Russian stage star Ivan Mosjoukine plays the title role in this far-from-accurate biopic of legendary Italian lover Casanova. The main plot concerns itself with political intrigue, as Casanova travels from Venice to Russia and back again on a variety of “secret missions.” This doesn’t prevent the amorous hero from enjoying the favors of several delectable females. Even Russia’s Catherine the Great (Suzanne Bianchetti) briefly falls under Casanova’s spell. But when all is said and done, it is the lovely Therese (Jenny Jugo) who captures the protagonist’s heart. Highlights include the spectacular Carnival of Venice sequence and the splendiferous scenes within the palace walls of Czarina Catherine. Casanova was truly an international production: It was filmed in France but financed and written by Germans, while its star and director were Russians. The film ran into some curious censorship troubles in the U.S., and as result it was retitled Prince of Adventurers, with the main character rechristened as “Roberto Ferrara”! ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie GuideRead More »

  • Alexandre Volkoff – Kean (141-minute version) (1924)

    This is a biopic of the 19th Century actor, Edmund Kean.

    You may remember him for his famous last words: “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.”

    Made some 90 years after his death, the film tells of the greatest actor of his time, a man toasted as the greatest actor of all time.

    Great though he may have been on the stage, his personal life was a wreck.

    He was hounded by creditors, had a problem with alcohol, and to make matters worse, had fallen in love with the wife of an ambassador.Read More »

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