Alexis Damianos

  • Alexis Damianos – …mehri to ploio AKA Cornerstone AKA Until the Ship Sails (1966)

    1961-1970Alexis DamianosArthouseDramaGreece

    A gruff highlander leaves his village and heads to the town and harbor where he will embark for Australia. We follow his descent to the sea through three stories.
    At first, he works with a blacksmith he knows, but his erotic attraction to the pure girlfriend of his friend puts him to flight.
    Later on, he meets a sensual tomboy who symbolizes all the enchantment of wild nature, and her destiny is to end up in a brothel.
    Finally, at the harbor of Piraeus, where he stays in the humble house of a couple who are separating, he meets a crestfallen woman, who is weary from poverty and abandonment, and together they take the ship of voluntary exile.Read More »

  • Alexis Damianos – Evdokia (1971)

    1971-1980Alexis DamianosDramaGreeceRomance


    A prostitute (Evdokia) meets a sergeant (Yorgos). They fall in love and get married after a short love affair. Her profession, however, is a barrier for their relationship. They try to stay together and overcome their inner conflicts, but the social environment crushes them.

    Many people who seem not to like originality and non-happy endings, are trashing this movie whilst others (amongst them myself) consider it one of the most important movie of the Greek cinematography. The movie is very very low budget but this doesn’t take away from the wonderful social critic, the very original direction and the amazing performances of most actors. When coupled with the beautiful music of Manos Loizos, it makes a movie really worth watching. The story as well as the character development is very well presented.Read More »

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