Alfred Clah

  • Alfred Clah – Through Navajo Eyes: The Intrepid Shadows (1966)

    1961-1970Alfred ClahEthnographic CinemaExperimentalUSA

    The Intrepid Shadows
    This is one of the most complex films made by the Navajo. It is the one least understood by the Navajo and most appreciated by “avant-garde” filmmakers in our society. The film opens with a long series of shots showing the varieties of landscape around our schoolhouse. We see rocks, earth, trees, sky, in a variety of shapes but mostly in still or static shots. ’The shadows are very small or short. When we have familiarized ourselves with the things that comprise the “world” we see a young Navajo come walking into the landscape. He picks up a stick, kneels down, and begins to poke at a huge spider web.Read More »

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