Alfred L. Werker

  • Alfred L. Werker – Repeat Performance (1947)

    1941-1950Alfred L. WerkerFilm NoirMysteryUSA

    Sheila kills her husband at the start of the film with a smoking gun. We don’t know how or why. All we know is men are banging on her door and she escapes. There is a notable dialogue as she makes her way to a New Years celebration with Richard Basehart as the poet William Williams. As she goes up the stairs to John Friday’s apartment (her producer), she wishes she could relive the year and undo what she has done. William Williams, in an offhand remark, states he wishes he was the one who shot Barney, her erstwhile husband. We see that Destiny is not too happy with making changes to her plans.Read More »

  • Alfred L. Werker & Anthony Mann – He Walked by Night (1948)

    1941-1950Alfred L. WerkerAnthony MannFilm NoirThrillerUSA

    Taken from actual case files, He Walked By Night is the suspenseful, action-packed tale of a manhunt for the most cunning criminal in the history of the LAPD. With a combination of ingenuity, state of the art technology, sweat and sheer determination, the police painstakingly track down a brilliant, elusive thief and cop killer who seems to have the ability to vanish into thin air. But can they catch him before he murders again?Read More »

  • Alfred L. Werker – Walk East On Beacon (1952)

    Drama1951-1960Alfred L. WerkerThrillerUSA

    Louis de Rochemont, former March of Time producer whose docudrama films proved so popular in the 1940s, offers more of the same in Walk East on Beacon. Based on an article written – or ghostwritten – by J. Edgar Hoover, the film concerns the efforts by the FBI to plug up a dangerous security leak. Federal agent Belden – George Murphy- is assigned to locate the communist mastermind behind the leak, and to trace all avenues of informational access utilized by the Bad Guys. Finlay Currie co-stars as an Einstein-like scientist who is being blackmailed by the Reds into cooperating with them, while Karel Stepanek is slime personified as the top Eastern-Bloc spy. Largely filmed on location in New York, Walk East on Beacon makes good use of several Manhattan-based actors, few of whom were seen in films either before or since.Read More »

  • Alfred L. Werker – A-Haunting We Will Go (1942)

    1941-1950Alfred L. WerkerComedyUSA


    Plot: The boys are recruited by a gang of thugs to get a coffin containing one of their far from dead colleagues to Dayton to try and get at an inheritance. After the coffin gets switched with the one Dante the Magician uses in his act, his stage show gets more than usually popular.Read More »

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