Alfredo Guarini

  • Various – Siamo donne aka We, the Women (1953)

    1951-1960Alfredo GuariniClassicsComedyGianni FrancioliniIngmar BergmanItalian Neo-RealismItalyLuchino ViscontiLuigi ZampaRoberto RosselliniVarious

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    Detailed plot summary of the five episodes
    “Concorso 4 Attrici 1 Speranza” (“Four stars and a starlette”)
    Anna Amendola decides to leave her home to become an actress, even though her mother says that she can not come back if she does. She goes to Cinecittà, where a casting is taking place to find a girl to be included in a segment of Siamo donne. The contest begins with the girls walking through a line, where they are checked for certain requirements, especially age. The ones who pass this stage are given a meal by the studio, while a spotlight scans through the tables, finding girls for the screen test stage. Amendola passes through these stages. Then, there are a series of screen tests, where several girls are asked questions about their dreams and ambitions. The results of the screen tests are not decided until the next day; therefore, Amendola sleeps at a neighbor’s house, since she does not want to go home and forfeit her chances of winning the contest. The next day, she is called up as a finalist, along with Emma Danieli. The story ends with the two finalists about to give interviews.Read More »

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