Ali Aydin

  • Ali Aydin – Kronoloji AKA Chronology (2019)

    Ali Aydin2011-2020ThrillerTurkey

    Hakan and Nihal seems to have a perfect marriage. The problems of the young architect couple are started to emerge when Nihal suddenly disappears. While looking for his wife with the police, Hakan faces the facts of their relationship.Read More »

  • Ali Aydin – Küf aka Mold (2012)

    2011-2020Ali AydinDramaTurkey



    Basri is a lonely man who seems to be floating in his own life. He watches over the railroads, walking the endless tracks through the abundant landscape of Anatolia. His only son, Seyfi, has been taken into custody 18 years ago and no one has heard from him ever since. After the death of his wife, Basri has slowly isolated himself from society. But there is still hope in his life, as he keeps on writing petitions twice a month to look after his son..Read More »

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