Ali Reza Amini

  • Ali Reza Amini – Namehay bad AKA Letters in the Wind (2002)

    Drama2001-2010Ali Reza AminiArthouseIran

    Iranian director Ali Reza Amini’s Namehay Bad (Letters in the Wind) is set in the familiar world of basic training. A group of uneducated cadets is abused, toughened up, and shaped by military men. Many of the young men have to make difficult adjustments to this new life. When one of the men gets the opportunity to visit Teheran, the others give him messages that they want him to deliver to their families. Letters in the Wind was screened at the Toronto Film Festival.Read More »

  • Ali Reza Amini & Mehrdad Nosrati – Danehaye rize barf AKA Tiny Snowflakes (2003)

    2001-2010Ali Reza AminiDramaIran


    Loneliness and isolation are a part of life for two mine keepers in a remote mountain town. Their only light of hope comes in the form of a small dog they find and an unknown woman they see walking in the distance. People enter and exit their lives, including a group of mine workers—but it is the very world they have created for themselves to deal with their loneliness that keeps others out. Nevertheless, they still ultimately find pleasure in the subtle and simple things of life.
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