Alice Diop

  • Alice Diop – Saint Omer (2022)

    2021-2030Alice DiopDramaFrance

    Motherhood is a curious feeling. On the one hand, it is the result of a biological process leading to the natural prerogative of protection of an infant. It is expected to be instinctive, with the same appearance and passion found in every corner of humanity. The reality, however, is quite different, as motherhood is inextricably linked to personal flaws and societal circumstances.Read More »

  • Alice Diop – La mort de Danton (2011)

    2011-2020Alice DiopDocumentaryFrance

    La mort de Danton
    Un film de Alice Diop

    2011 • documentaire • 64 minutes

    auteur-réalisateur Alice Diop • image Blaise Harrison • son Pascale Mons • montage Amrita David • montage son et mixage Ludovic Escallier • étalonnage Eric Salleron

    Steve a 25 ans, la dégaine d’un « loulou des quartiers » ceux-là même qui alimentent les faits-divers sur la violence des banlieues. Il faut dire que « petite racaille », il l’était encore il y a quelques mois. Avec ses potes, compagnons d’infortunes, il « tenait les barres » de sa cage d’escalier, rêvant d’une vie meilleure entre les vapeurs des joints qu’ils se partageaient entre amis.Read More »

  • Alice Diop – Nous (2021)

    Alice Diop2021-2030DocumentaryFrance

    The RER B is an urban train that traverses Paris and its environs from north to south. Multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker Alice Diop takes us through these suburban spaces and confronts us with some of the faces and stories of which they are composed.
    A moving testament to the importance of filming as a process of bearing witness and remembering, Nous is timely in many ways. It is subtle and shrewd in a world that favours shortcuts and easy answers. Justifiably adopting the fragmented structure of a patchwork portrait in order to describe a riven society, Diop displays impressive control of her essay and its impact. In the film’s first few minutes, a deer is observed, through binoculars. A certain sense of awkward, man-made distance stays with us. Isolation, discrimination and nostalgia for hierarchies, inherited from a monarchical past … Divisions haunt France’s present. But the human urge to give as well as to receive stubbornly creeps into every situation, observed or triggered. Could this be the one thing that still keeps a nation together?
    (excerpt from More »

  • Alice Diop – La permanence (2016)

    2011-2020Alice DiopDocumentaryFrance

    In competition at the Cinéma du Réel Film Festival in Paris (March 2016) where it received the Institut français Louis Marcorelles Award, On Call is a film that makes a difference and is necessary as an increasingly fearful Europe faces the influx of refugees and migrants.
    In a small doctor’s office, a fixed camera is placed on one side or the other of the room, allowing either the practitioner or the patient to be seen. How is it that the viewer remains glued to the screen for more than an hour and a half with such a minimalist approach? Glued, moved, in total empathy with those men and women, their pain, their suffering?
    No doubt, it is what Alice Diop felt from the impact of hearing about these dramatic experiences that speak of the terrible evolution of a world where violence has become commonplace.Read More »

  • Alice Diop – Vers la tendresse (2016)

    2011-2020Alice DiopDocumentaryFrance


    This film is an intimate exploration of the male territory of a city commuter. By following the wanderings of a band of young men, we walk a world where female bodies are only virtual and ghostly silhouettes. The wanderings of the characters lead us inside everyday places (gym, building hall, parking lot of a shopping center, squatted apartment) where we follow the staging of their manhood; while in off voice, intimate narratives reveal unsuspected share their stories and their personalities.Read More »

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