Amanzhol Aituarov

  • Amanzhol Aituarov – Prikosnoveniye (1989)

    1981-1990Amanzhol AituarovDramaEpicKazakhstan
    Prikosnoveniye (1989)
    Prikosnoveniye (1989)

    IMDB: Nice and sad Fairytale
    I was pretty surprised to see this rare Kazach film. First of all it touches upon great Asian folk atmosphere and has wonderful music, partly composed by master of soviet electronic music Edward Artemeyev. The director shows great visionary in the film. Some parts of the film are made in colour-the rest are black and white. The story is also something new for me: a blind bagger-girl meets a steppen killer, who decides to protect her on her hard life way. They meet a lot of dangers and wise old men and stayed alive after really creepy moments. Finally they reached the girl’s motherland. Here the ways of them two separate really dramatically. One can see some gore moments in this philosophic tale.Read More »

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