Amol Palekar

  • Amol Palekar – Bangarwadi AKA The Village Had No Walls (1995)

    1991-2000Amol PalekarArthouseDramaIndia

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    From Wikipedia:
    A story of a small hamlet of shepherds set more than half a century ago but the story still repeats itself today.

    The newly appointed village schoolteacher arrives in the hamlet. Faced with hostility, he decides to win over the hearts of the people so that they would entrust him with their children. He starts to address their small concerns of daily life, help them with running errands in the small town, and mediates in their disputes. Soon his school starts flourishing with enthusiastic students and parents. The high point is the building of the community gymnasium with the participation of all the villagers and the inauguration by the prince of the state.Read More »

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