Amos Kollek

  • Amos Kollek – Fast Food Fast Women (2000)

    1991-2000Amos KollekComedyRomanceUSA

    Amos Kollek directs this quiet, understated comedy about lonely hearts and empty pockets in New York. Pushing 40, Bella (Anna Thomson) works as a waitress at small downtown diner in Manhattan. Her elderly regulars include Paul (Robert Modica), a lovelorn retiree who scours the personal ads and his ill-tempered buddies Seymour (Victor Argo) and Graham (Mark Margolis), who are more than a little disparaging toward Paul’s attempts at finding love. Involved in a 12-year relationship with married Broadway theater director George (Austin Pendleton), Bella craves marriage and children. On a blind date set up by her mother, Bella meets Bruno, a divorced cabbie and fledgling novelist with two young children. Meanwhile, Paul meets ready-and-willing widow Emily (Louise Lasser), while Seymour shacks up with Wanda (Valerie Geffner), a stripper with a master’s degree.Read More »

  • Amos Kollek – Fiona (1998)

    1991-2000Amos KollekDramaQueer Cinema(s)USA


    Fiona is a crack-smoking prostitute. She lives a reckless life outside the law where she kills three cops with the same nonchalance with which she turns tricks… Gritty and unsparing, the film blends an original screenplay with actual documentary footage shot in a Lower East Side crack-house with prostitutes playing some of the key roles. The tender relationship between these women is felt without descending into voyeurism or pity and depicted with an authenticity that transcends the line between fiction and documentary.Read More »

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