Anatoli Dolinov

  • Anatoli Dolinov & Aleksandr Panteleyev & Donat Pashkovsky – Uplotneniye (1918)

    1911-1920Anatoli DolinovSilentUSSR

    The first scenario work of Anatoliy Lunacharsky.

    The first Soviet kinopostanovka Petrograd kinokomiteta (now – Lenfilm Studio).

    November 7, 1918 – the date of the first issue on the screens of Soviet films. On this day it was released four paintings, three of them – campaign.

    In order to seal one of the rooms of Professor relocated from raw basement working with his daughter. Flats start attending the factory workers. Guests are becoming more and more, and the professor begins to read popular lectures in the workers’ club. Between the younger son of a professor and his daughter working there is a feeling and the characters decide to get married …Read More »

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