Anders Edström

Anders Edström & C.W. Winter – The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin) (2020)

A geographic description of fourteen months of the work and non-work of Tayoko in the mountains of Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. A georgic in five books. Read More »

Anders Edström & C.W. Winter – The Anchorage (2009)

A remarkable expression of the post-documentary moment that seems to be defining a new major stage in contemporary world cinema…The film skillfully defies any neo-realist appearances by using its extreme restraint of story, sound, and dialogue not to create a contemplative minimalism but rather to sustain a steadily increasing yet ambiguous tension. The Anchorage unfolds a series of pointed yet irresolvable appeals to specific genre expectations—of the horror film, the melodrama, the Bergmanian art film—investing objects and the film’s few characters with a mysterious aura. Read More »