André Bazin

  • André Cayatte – Les chemins de Katmandou AKA The Pleasure Pit (1969)

    1961-1970André BazinDramaFrance

    Sven is Norwegian and his future is Kathmandu, the city of the gods.
    Their paths meet and it is side by side they choose to take the path that leads up to the holiest city in Asia.
    Olivier is French and this is the revolution.
    May 68, Oliver is standing on the barricades, head full of new ideas to change the world.Read More »

  • André Bazin – What is Cinema? Vol 1 & 2 (1967 – 1971)

    André BazinBooksFrance

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    About the Books
    André Bazin’s What Is Cinema? (volumes I and II) have been classics of film studies for as long as they’ve been available and are considered the gold standard in the field of film criticism. Although Bazin made no films, his name has been one of the most important in French cinema since World War II. He was co-founder of the influential Cahiers du Cinéma, which under his leadership became one of the world’s most distinguished publications. Championing the films of Jean Renoir (who contributed a short foreword to Volume I), Orson Welles, and Roberto Rossellini, he became the protégé of François Truffaut, who honors him touchingly in his forword to Volume II. This new edition includes graceful forewords to each volume by Bazin scholar and biographer Dudley Andrew, who reconsiders Bazin and his place in contemporary film study. The essays themselves are erudite but always accessible, intellectual, and stimulating. As Renoir puts it, the essays of Bazin “will survive even if the cinema does not.”Read More »

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