Andrea Bianchi

Andrea Bianchi & Jesús Franco – Commando Mengele AKA Angel of Death (1987)

A Jewish commando unit hunting Nazi war criminals tracks down the infamous Dr. Mengele in the jungle, and find that he is torturing nubile young virgins and performing horrible medical experiments on the locals. They prepare to battle their way past Mengele’s hordes of fanatic Nazi bodyguards in order to get to him. Read More »

Andrea Bianchi – Malabimba (1979)

This movie works for two reasons. The first is the director Andreas Bianchi who, though far less prolific, was a lot like Spanish auteur Jesus Franco in his ability to take irredeemably sleazy material like this and make it somehow oddly watchable. Bianchi’s work includes “What the Peeper Saw” which offered the unusual pairing of Swedish sex kitten Britt Ekland and the kid from “Oliver”, scuzzy giallo favorite “Strip Nude for Your Killer” where the usually classy Edwige Fenech simulated both oral and anal sex (not surprisingly, it’s the only recent DVD release she hasn’t provided any commentary for), and his follow-up to this film “Burial Ground” again with Giordano who this time gets her latex nipple bitten off by a strange-looking dwarf who is supposed to be her zombified son. Read More »

Andrea Bianchi – Moglie nuda e siciliana AKA Naked Sicilian wife (1978)

Erotic comedy classic 70’s where a Sicilian chaste and naive moving to Milan lost many of her inhibitions.

The Milanese truck driver Nino Bertini, who has run out of water in the radiator at a farm in Sicily where he is on a wine shipment, is attacked by Rosalia Ciubardi who has mistaken him for her fiancé Antonio. Discovered in the barn by Pino and Alfio, the girl’s brothers, Nino, under threat of a sawn-off shotgun, is forced to get married to make up for something that didn’t happen and returns to Milan with his bride. Read More »

Andrea Bianchi – Giochi carnali aka Exciting Love Girls (1983)

A sleazy but lighthearted odd couple of thrill-killer rapists drive around picking up young women, raping & brutalizing them. Due to the porn necessity of extended closeup hardcore sex scenes, director Bianchi drags this thin story out interminably and boringly.

Early action is a bit confusing, because one of their pickups turns out to be a transvestite, much to the consternation of the younger of the two perverts, who doesn’t find out until he’s made it nearly to third base with the cross-dresser. After that scene, the outraged macho character suddenly spends the rest of the film as a transvestite himself -still up to the task of raping the women, but helping out fronting with his partner as if they were a man & woman driving around rather than two creeps. It doesn’t help Bianchi’s already shaky narrative that our kinky anti-hero isn’t the slightest bit convincing posing as a woman. Read More »

Andrea Bianchi – Nude per l’assassino AKA Strip Nude for Your Killer (1975)

A leather-clad killer who hides his identity under a motorcycle helmet goes on a depraved killing spree in this unabashedly sadistic giallo directed by Andrea Bianchi (Burial Ground) and starring Nino Castelnuovo and Femi Benussi. A fashion model has died while receiving an illegal abortion, and after the abortionist is slain, the black-clad killer begins targeting the deceased model’s former co-workers. One by bloody one the models begin to fall prey to the mysterious killer, and all of the crimes have one thing in common – the victims were all forced to strip nude before meeting their grim fate. — Jason Buchanan Read More »