Andrew Kotting

  • Andrew Kotting – Gallivant (1997)

    1991-2000Andrew KottingDocumentaryExperimentalUnited Kingdom

    Gallivant is a fantastic British road movie and Andrew Kotting deserves to take his place with those two other great film iconoclasts and chroniclers of late twentieth century life in Britain: Derek Jarman and Patrick Keiller. He is also a great stylist and humourist, which makes the film very accessible despite it’s restless experimentation and disregard for documentary conventions.Read More »

  • Andrew Kotting – This Filthy Earth (2001)

    Drama2001-2010Andrew KottingArthouseUnited Kingdom

    From The Guardian
    Filthy is right. This is a film to counter-balance any lingering misapprehension that the countryside is a place of picturesque tranquillity – and, thank heavens, it is not your everyday Britpic. Andrew Kötting’s second feature, adapted from Zola, is a gallery of bucolic grotesques set in a remote rural community in the early 20th century, long before EU subsidies, mad cows and agribusiness (but not before foot and mouth). The screenplay was written by Kötting and comic Sean Lock.Read More »

  • Andrew Kotting – Ivul (2009)

    2001-2010Andrew KottingDramaSwitzerland


    The second in a projected trilogy by artist and filmmaker Andrew Kötting, Ivul marks the director’s successful return to narrative filmmaking. A family drama in which the close relationship between teenage siblings Alex and his older sister Freya (Leroux) increases to such an intensity that it develops sexual overtones, adding to the cracks in their not so happy home. An astonishingly distinctive and distinguished work located in the French Pyrenees, Ivul deftly blends the avant-garde, high wire performance and assured storytelling. Ambitious, challenging and yet also accessible, this is Kötting’s most sensory and purely satisfying feature to date. (-Curzon)Read More »

  • Andrew Kotting – Ivan and the Dogs AKA Lek and the Dogs (2017)

    2011-2020Andrew KottingExperimentalFantasyUnited Kingdom


    In his adaptation of Hattie Naylor’s play Ivan and the Dogs, experimental filmmaker Andrew Kötting travels to the Chilean desert to recreate the life of the young boy who left his Moscow apartment to live with a pack of wild dogs. A crossover between narrative film and contemporary art piece.
    Read More »

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